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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 11:00 AM · 9 rsvps
    Lancaster Stands Up Office in Lancaster, PA

    Turn It Around Training Series: Training for Coaches


    Lancaster Stands Up is partnering with Our Revolution, Keystone Progress, and other organizations to hold "Where's Lloyd?" town hall meetings across our new Congressional District, PA-11. The town hall meetings and house parties will be organized by everyday people who volunteer to host them or to help. They'll be held in mid-April and will help to launch a district-wide door-to-door canvassing operation to defeat incumbent Congressman Lloyd Smucker and elect Jess King.

    We anticipate that organizing a town hall will be new to many of the folks who volunteer as hosts and helpers — and they'll want support as they organize their events. That's why we're organizing a team of volunteer coaches, each of whom will coach a few hosts as they plan their events.

    On March 18, coaches will gather for a day-long training to learn the strategy and everything they need to know to be effective coaches.

    Apply for the March 18 Training for Coaches here: goo.gl/C6pJg9