Pack Scott Martin's Town Hall

MONDAY: Stand up for Lancaster Values at Scott Martin’s Town Hall

ACTION ALERT for residents of the 13th District. State Senator Scott Martin is holding a town hall ( on May 15th from 6:00-8:00 PM at the Solanco High School cafeteria in Quarryville. We urgently need people to attend this event to let him know that his legislation is an assault on Lancaster Values.

Lancaster Stands Up is teaming up with CWS - Lancaster Immigration & Refugee Program and Lancaster Against Pipelines to make our voices heard on Monday. This unlikely coalition is born out of something we all have in common: a shared sense of pride in our Lancaster Values, and frustration with Harrisburg and Washington political elites who are siding with billionaires and racists over their constituents.

Our representatives are making it harder for all of us to realize the American dream. We want to live in safe, healthy, diverse communities, where all of us are welcome and where we can live happy and successful lives. We want to live without threat of ICE raids or dangerous fracked-gas pipelines. We will tell Scott Martin how we feel on Monday. We want a Lancaster County for All of Us.

Martin’s office is now claiming the event is at capacity. Lancaster Stands Up encourages residents of the 13th district to show up at the town hall regardless or whether or not you are able to register. He needs to hear ALL of our voices.


Unsure if Scott Martin represents you? Enter your address into this link to find out:

Scott Martin is a co-sponsor of SB10, a bill that would remove taxpayer funding from sanctuary cities. Lancaster Stands Up members have met with Martin to discuss this issue, and have reported disturbing anti-immigrant and racist language being used by the Senator.

Last week, Scott Martin held a closed door meeting open only to taxpayer-funded elected officials and law enforcement officers. Although Senator Martin’s event was focused on local opposition to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, no one from the local opposition was—in fact—invited to participate, or even attend, his event. Even more egregious is Senator Martin’s eagerness to side with industry concerns after three years of actively dismissing the concerns that thousands of his own constituents have voiced about the dangers and costs associated with the proposed ASP.

Since that time, Martin has announced his plan to introduce anti-free speech legislation in a direct effort to silence the local pipeline resistance. The implications of this legislation are broader than the anti-pipeline fight, and could be used to target anyone practice their first amendment rights.

It is clear that Martin is more interested in playing politics with Washington insiders more than he is interested in standing up for Lancaster Values: our history of loving our neighbors, respecting the right for free speech, and standing up for our farms and land.

We urge those in the 13th district to join us in preparing to show up and hold Scott Martin accountable for his support of this unacceptable legislation.

We ask that you please attend the meeting regardless of whether or not you RSVP.

May 15, 2017 at 6pm - 8pm
Solanco High School
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Will you come?