People's Forum Videos

In September Lancaster Stands Up held a public People's Forum and Candidate Fair attended by 250 Lancastrians.  The Democratic primary candidates for Pennsylvania's 16th Congressional District had a chance to respond to questions submitted by Lancaster Stands Up members.  The forum was attended by John George, Mike Wilson (representing the Christina Hartman campaign), Jessica King, and Gary Wegman.  Below are the candidates' answers from that day.  



Opening Statements


"Tell us about yourself and your vision for America."


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Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline and Climate


"What are your thoughts on the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline? Second, how will you help to stop the exploitation of our natural resources and help to keep fossil fuels in the ground where they belong and slow the rapid climate change currently taking place?" - Jon Telesco


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Immigration and DACA


"If elected would you support the DREAM Act which gives a path to citizenship for DACA recipients if they meet certain conditions?  Where do you stand on the other 10 million undocumented immigrants and would you support legislation to stop deportations that are breaking families apart?" - Claudia Llewellyn


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"Do you think healthcare is a privilege or a right?  If you think healthcare is a right, how will you fight so that everyone in PA-16 has healthcare?" - Judie Howrylak


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Racial Justice


"What will you do to empower people of color and help strengthen our communities? How will you tackle racism and stand up for a united Lancaster?" - Luis Miranda


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Education and Student Debt


"What will you to do to fix our education system so it works for all of us? Do you support the fight for free higher education?" - Bevan Fields


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