October Mass Meeting on Racial Justice



Lancaster Stands Up's October Mass Meeting will focus on a topic that needs to be centered in all our work for social, economic, and political change: Racial Justice.

Racism isn’t simply a legacy of times past. It’s a fact of life that we see operating in our communities every day. Today we are deeply troubled by the intentional stoking of racial prejudice from the highest political office. In the present moment, we see self-identifying white nationalists emboldened and attempting to win converts—across the nation and here in our community. We are committed to standing together against this resurgence of overt racism and hatred. 

But we understand that racism is much more than slurs or white hoods. Racial oppression is structured into the fabric of our society, public policy, and our economic system—whether it’s the racial wealth gap, our faltering public education system, or mass incarceration.

How can we fight something that is so entrenched? How do we effectively dismantle racism, transform our communities, and enact the change necessary to improve people’s lives?

The goal of this reflective and discussion-based meeting is for attendees to uncover their own stake in fighting racism and to develop a better understanding together of how white supremacy operates in society and how it relates to our economic system.

Everyone has a stake in ending white supremacy. What’s yours?

October 14, 2017 at 2pm - 4pm
Crispus Attucks Community Center

Will you come?