November Mass Meeting


Last November, 300 Lancastrians gathered for an emergency community meeting. We formed Lancaster Stands Up, and over the past year thousands of us have gotten active: raising our voices, volunteering, holding our elected officials accountable, and hatching plans to turn it around.


On November 11, we’ll come together to reflect on the threats we’ve faced as a country, but also to celebrate what we’ve been able to do as a mobilized community. We’ll dig into our plan for the year ahead. Join us. And please invite others to come too. RSVP and invite friends via Facebook here.

November 11, 2017 at 2pm - 4pm
Tellus 360
Ginny Di Ilio Eleanor Nuffort George Mavros Roger Dogood Larry Burkhart Karen Graulich Vic Poirier Ellen Sloane Mimi Shapiro Meredith Calien Dorothy Vertti Barbara Achtermann Susan Knoll Jackie Madsen William F. Honaman Mary Grill John Blair Deb Gifford

Will you come?