Nov. 7: Why It Matters




Lancaster Stands Up began as a direct response to the 2016 election. The state of dysfunction of the American political system was exposed. We cannot afford to leave politics to the political establishment any longer. The way to turn this around is to get ourselves active and organized into a grassroots force capable of applying pressure and pushing back. Over the past year we have held rallies attended by thousands of people, knocked on hundreds of doors canvassing, held a sit-in at a congressperson's office, had hundreds volunteer, and even set up a storefront space.


Much of what we have accomplished has been in direct response to political attacks which unscrupulous politicians have unleashed on everyday people for the benefit of their donors and corporate friends.  Now the task is to get them out of office and replaced with leaders who can truly represent all of us.


Changing power at the top begins with turning it around on the local level.  That is why the election on November 7th, 2017 is so important.  In September, Lancaster Stands Up members voted to endorse a slate of candidates who will be on the ballot.  We believe that getting these candidates elected is crucial to changing the political atmosphere not just in Lancaster county, but in the rest of Pennsylvania and the country.  From ending gerrymandering to making sure all children receive a high-quality education, these candidates could have a say in issues which impact all of our lives.


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Lancaster Stands Up Endorsed Candidates for Nov. 7


PA Statewide


Pennsylvania is one of the most gerrymandered states in the nation. This year 25% of the bench is open — and judges often serve lifetime terms.  This may be our only chance in years to flip the bench, which will set us up for fair districting.





Lancaster City


We envision a future for the city where all of us are represented. We need leaders who will take on the issues of economic and racial inequality, affordable housing, and reinvestment in our schools and neighborhoods. Our endorsed city candidates align with this vision.






Lancaster County


We are especially paying attention to the Manheim Township School Board race. Our endorsed candidates have committed to investing in education and building a much-needed new middle school. The Republican candidates oppose the new school, despite unacceptable hazardous conditions for students at the current school. We support those who are standing up for investing in our children’s future.








Ballot Referendum


On the ballot in PA is a referendum question about property taxes. Lancaster Stands Up urges everyone to vote NO on this ballot question.


If passed this referendum would have huge implications for the state of public education in PA. It would be incredibly unjust to eliminate property taxes without any new funding mechanism for our schools.


It's clear that we need an overhaul of our tax system so that it works for everyday people and not just the wealthy and corporations. We all deserve quality public education. Vote NO on the Homestead Referendum.