About Lancaster Stands Up membership

Lancaster Stands Up has a membership structure, in order to get ourselves organized as a collective vehicle that can make a strong political impact on the issues we care about – to turn things around, here in Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, and in our nation. Interested in becoming a voting member of Lancaster Stands Up? Below you can read more about what it means to be a member. 


Members are aligned with the mission of Lancaster Stands Up:

Lancaster Stands Up is founded on a commitment to the common good. From raising our voices in our public square to going door-to-door to meet our neighbors, we are taking back our democracy. We the People are organizing ourselves into a grassroots force to challenge the elite interests that have corrupted our political system and sold off our future. We stand with the most vulnerable in our society and we strive to overcome the forces of racism, sexism, prejudice, and hate. We believe the time is ripe for everyday Americans—of every race and creed, immigrant and native-born, sisters and brothers—to stand up together as one united people.


Members vote on all candidate endorsements.

Deciding on which candidates to support with our energy and capacity is a big decision. That’s why Lancaster Stands Up will only make endorsements of candidates after a membership vote. The LSU coordinating committee will be responsible for organizing membership votes.


Members will be polled regularly on other strategic questions.

The email poll we did last month provided helpful feedback to the coordinating committee. While not every decision warrants a full membership vote, regular polls on pertinent questions will inform the work and priorities of LSU.


Members are encouraged to get involved.

You don’t have to be a Lancaster Stands Up member to attend a meeting, or to show up to a rally, or even to join a working group or volunteer on a canvass. But members are especially encouraged to find a way to get involved in an ongoing role that helps to build our collective capacity. (The on-boarding and training working group is working on scheduling regular volunteer orientation meetings—stay tuned!)


Members are encouraged to pay dues.

Building a powerful grassroots organization takes resources – renting event spaces, a sound system, making flyers and posters, maintaining a website, developing a robust canvass operation, and more. That’s why we are asking members to make a monthly or annual contribution – at whatever level you are able. (Dues are encouraged but not required for membership, and everyone who wants to be a member will have equal membership rights, regardless of their financial contribution.)


Become a member by signing up here.

Thank you for being part of Lancaster Stands Up.


*Membership is open to any individual who agrees with the mission who lives in Lancaster County or in one of the surrounding five counties: Berks, Chester, Dauphin, Lebanon, York.