Lancaster Stands Up to hold Mayoral Forum and “People’s Canvass” voter registration drive

For immediate release -- March 29, 2017

Lancaster Stands Up

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Lancaster Stands Up to hold Mayoral Forum and “People’s Canvass” voter registration drive

Lancaster, PA -- Since the November 8th election last year, Lancaster County residents have been rallying, demonstrating, calling and confronting their elected representatives, and getting themselves organized under the banner of Lancaster Stands Up. Now the grassroots effort is expanding into the electoral realm, organizing a Mayoral Forum on Lancaster Values and also a People’s Canvass to register voters and talk with neighbors about important issues.

Mayoral Forum on Lancaster Values

Friday, April 7


Southern Market, 100 S. Queen St., Lancaster, PA

Co-sponsored by Lancaster Stands Up and Keystone Progress. All five mayoral candidates will be in attendance: Norman Bristol Colon (D), Tony Dastra (I), Kevin Ressler (D), Danene Sorace (D), and Cindy Stewart (R). The forum will be moderated by Lancaster Stands Up organizers Nelly Torres, Eliza Ayers Booth, and Michelle Hines.

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People’s Canvass: Door-to-Door to Take Back Our Democracy

April 8-15

Kick-off training at Lancaster Stands Up monthly mass meeting, Saturday, April 8, 2:00-4:00pm, at Tellus 360, 24 East King St., Lancaster (The Temple, 1st floor, backroom)

April 8-15 volunteers will be going door-to-door in Lancaster City and County to talk with neighbors about what everyday people can do to change the direction of the country. Volunteers will register new voters and encourage registered voters to vote in “off-year” elections, down-ballot races, and specifically the May 16 PA primary. They will also talk about how to get involved in grassroots efforts like Lancaster Stands Up.

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Lancaster Stands Up statement:

We believe it is up to all of us to breathe new life into our democracy. It is up to us to break with an unacceptable status quo that has left so many behind and has sown fear, distrust, and prejudice between us. It is up to us to put forward a political vision founded on a commitment to the common good.

To take back our democracy, We the People have to get ourselves organized into a grassroots force that can take on the elite interests that have corrupted our political system and sold off our future. That’s why after the 2016 election, hundreds of Lancastrians gathered together for an emergency community meeting — launching Lancaster Stands Up. Thousands of us have taken action as part of this countywide people-powered effort. We’ve been raising our voices in our public squares, holding our elected representatives to account, and going door-to-door to meet our neighbors.

We know we have an uphill journey ahead. Our mission is not only to defeat Donald Trump, but also to confront the crises that enabled his rise to power. This dangerous moment presents us with an opportunity, if we seize it. The time is ripe for everyday Americans—of every race and creed, immigrant and native-born, sisters and brothers—to stand up together as one united people.

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