Let's Replace Lloyd




Have you seen Congressman Lloyd Smucker?


Since Congressman Lloyd Smucker took office over a year ago, he has not held a single public town hall to meet with his constituents.  Instead, he has been speaking to small, cherry-picked audiences and doing telephone "town halls" where the questions are screened by his staffers.


Establishment politicians like Lloyd put the needs of their wealthy donors over the needs of their constituents. Whether it be the insurance industry, big oil, or the Koch Brothers, Lloyd is beholden to his billionaire corporate donors and not to us.  That's why Smucker is meeting with his lobbyist friends instead of his constituents, and refusing to hold a town hall.   


From the Koch brothers to the NRA, Lloyd Smucker is pay-to-play. 


This is why we are determined to find Lloyd wherever he goes.  That's why we created the Find Lloyd Tipline: 717-382-8864.  If you see Congressman Lloyd Smucker anywhere, let us know.  We're always looking for opportunities to give the people of the 11th district a chance to pose questions to our absentee Congressman.  


But finding Lloyd is only the start.  We deserve a representative who will listen to the people.  That's why we're going to vote him out on November 6th, 2018.


Here is our plan to defeat him.




We're going to knock thousands of doors across the newly formed PA-11 congressional district.  We're asking people what issues matter to them.  All of Lancaster County is now in PA-11, along with a large section of southern York County.  We’ve already knocked thousands of doors in Lancaster and rapidly expanded our base of active volunteers.  


We also have a candidate who can defeat Lloyd Smucker.  In December, Lancaster Stands Up members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Jess King for Congress.  She is a working mother who wants to take on establishment politicians like Lloyd Smucker and create an America for all of us.   Read more about Jess King.


On January 27th, we sent over 70 canvassers out to knock doors in Lancaster County.  But to win, we’ve got to go bigger. It’s going to take hundreds, even thousands of volunteers knocking on tens of thousands of doors and making tens of thousands of phone calls. It’s going to take registering thousands of new voters. We can’t do it without you.




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