Lancaster Stands Up Endorses in 2017 Elections

LSU Members Voted to Endorse 34 Local and State Candidates on the 2017 Ballot

turn it around


We are excited to announce the results of Lancaster Stands Up’s first ever candidate endorsement vote. LSU members voted to endorse 34 candidates in local and state races that will be on the November 7, 2017 ballot. The member-endorsed candidates are listed below.


To win Lancaster Stands Up’s endorsement, the candidate had to have won the most votes of all LSU members and also of the members within each candidate’s voting area. Candidates additionally had to cross a critical threshold of votes over abstentions.


The 2016 election taught us that we cannot afford to leave politics to the political establishment. We have to breathe new life into our democracy. The way to turn this around is to get ourselves active and organized into a grassroots force capable of applying pressure and pushing back. Lancaster Stands Up has set out to provide opportunities for everyday people to get more involved: to attend public demonstrations, call their elected representatives, write letters to the editor, join a working group, become a Lancaster Stands Up member, go door-to-door, and engage more in elections.


Between now and election day (November 7, 2017), we will be canvassing to register new voters and to support the endorsed candidates below. Click here to sign up for a canvassing shift.


Lancaster Stands Up is operating as an independent actor in our endorsement process and our work to elect this slate of candidates. As a grassroots independent expenditure operation, we do not coordinate with any candidate or candidate's committee. Click here to read more about Lancaster Stands Up's 2017 endorsement vote.


Candidates endorsed by Lancaster Stands Up members:


PA Statewide



Lancaster City



Lancaster County



Click here to read more about Lancaster Stands Up's 2017 endorsement vote.