PA-16 Endorsement FAQ

pa16-endorsement.pngFrom Tuesday, December 12 at 8:00am to Saturday, December 16 at 11:59pm, Lancaster Stands Up is holding an member vote to endorse a candidate in the PA-16 Democratic primary. The candidates running in the primary (in alphabetical order) are Christina Hartman, Jess King, and Gary Wegman.


Below is an FAQ for members and supporters of Lancaster Stands Up about the endorsement process. Email or call (717) 455-7807 if you have additional questions. You can also stop into the office at 101 W King St in downtown Lancaster between 4 and 6pm Tuesday - Friday of this week for support filling out your ballot.


Where can I find information about the candidates on the ballot?

For more information about each of the candidates, there are two main resources for LSU members about where they stand on important issues and how they plan to defeat Congressman Smucker next November:


How are the candidates on the ballot determined?

The candidates on the ballot are those who have filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). In this particular endorsement vote, the candidates are running in the PA-16 congressional Democratic primary; whoever wins the primary will run against Lloyd Smucker in the general election next November.

This endorsement vote is only for the PA-16 race; will there be more endorsement votes for down-ballot races?

Yes. The timing of the PA-16 primary endorsement vote is based on our understanding of what it will take to defeat Lloyd Smucker in November. Research shows that canvassing is more effective when there is a compelling candidate. We need a strong ground game starting in January to knock the number of doors, make the number of calls, and register the number of new voters we need to win in 2018. Lancaster Stands Up will most likely endorse in other down-ballot races in the spring.

How is the winner of a Lancaster Stands Up member endorsement vote determined?

Lancaster Stands Up will endorse the top vote-earner in each single seat race. The candidate must earn the most votes both among voters who live in their voting area (e.g., Lancaster City, Manheim Township, Congressional District) and among the broader LSU membership.

You can read more about our endorsement process and policies here.

I didn’t receive an email with my member ballot. How can I vote?

If you didn’t receive an email in your inbox, there are a couple of different reasons why that may have occurred:

  1. It may have gone to your spam or, if you have Gmail, your promotions folder. Check those folders in addition to your inbox. If it did end up in spam or promotions, add the domain to your contacts so that future emails will appear in your inbox instead.

  2. Lancaster Stands Up may have the wrong email listed in our database. Check additional email accounts in case you signed up as a member using an email you rarely check. Contact if you think there may be an error in your listed email address.

  3. You may not be a member, or you may have become a member after the vote was announced (Nov 11, 2017). If you became a member after the deadline, or if you become a member now, you will be eligible to vote in future endorsement processes.