People's Canvass: Southeast Lancaster

August 5-11 we will be going door-to-door in the southeast of Lancaster City to talk with residents about what we can do to turn our country around and what issues are most important to them and their neighbors. We will also talk about how to build grassroots political power so that everyday people have a real voice in our democracy.

Will you join us by signing up for a canvass shift?

Working people, especially people of color, have been struggling for too long. Lancaster in particular has been divided along racial lines for generations. The recent closing of a Giant grocery store put a spotlight on the fact that, while our downtown has developed and bloomed, neighborhoods like the Southeast have been left behind. Problems such as a lack of affordable housing and well paying jobs, crumbling sidewalks and streets, and an epidemic of the drug K2, have been swept to the side as affected citizens have been given no voice. And we believe that the only way we’ll see the current Democratic Party leadership fight visibly for working people and take on Wall Street is to build up grassroots people-power with the leverage to make them do it, in the southeast and all over Lancaster County.

If you’ve never gone door-to-door, this people’s canvass is for you. Honestly, being an everyday Lancastrian who has never knocked on a stranger’s door makes you the perfect person for the job. We’ll be providing prep sessions and also doing our best to pair folks who have less experience and more experience.

Sign up for a shift here.

August 05, 2017 at 10am - August 11, 2017
Fruition Collective (24 W Walnut St)
Julia Berkman-Hill ·