Sign up for a canvass shift!

Beginning October 21st, we will be going door-to-door in Lancaster City and Manheim Township to talk with residents about the upcoming local elections and our slate of endorsed candidates. We will talk about how if we are going to make America truly work for all of us, we need to build independent political power to elect progressive leaders and hold all our elected representatives accountable.

Volunteers out during our first week of canvassing in April.


Will you join us by signing up for a canvass shift? 


Even if you’ve never gone door-to-door, this canvass is for you. Honestly, being an everyday Lancastrian who has never knocked on a stranger’s door makes you the perfect person for the job. We’ll be providing prep sessions and also doing our best to pair folks who have less experience and more experience.


On weekends, shifts run 10am - 5pm and on weekdays from 5pm - 7pm. If you can only come for part of a shift, that's ok! We just want      to know how many people to expect. All shifts start at our office at 101 West King St in downtown Lancaster!

No shifts yet.