2018 Endorsement Policy

Lancaster Stands Up seeks to make the endorsement process as easy as possible for candidates and members. In the interest of transparency the following is our current endorsement policies and process.


The results of our last membership poll indicated that LSU members want endorsements to be more competitive. We want our endorsements to be meaningful and our endorsed candidates to truly represent the values that we believe in.


Our 2018 Membership Endorsement vote will feature a two-tiered process to find the candidates who most align with Lancaster Stands Up's mission.  The first step is membership nominations.  Each candidate who gets three or more nominations will be included in the final ballot. Voting will be ranked-choice with a point value assigned to each rank.


Nomination Process:


Members may nominate up to three candidates each. Candidates must be running for State House or Senate in a district that is wholly or partially within Lancaster County. 


In nominating candidates, please consider:
• Does the candidate align with LSU's mission?
• Is it strategic for LSU to invest volunteer capacity in this race?


Candidates that get three or more nominations will be eligible for the ranked voting process. 


Voting Process:


The final ballot will feature each candidate who received three or more nominations. Members will rank candidates (1-X) based on preference (1st choice = most prefered, X choice = least prefered). Points will be assigned to each rank. For example, if there are 5 candidates, 1st choice = 5 points, 2nd choice = 4 points...5th choice = 1 point. Members do not have to vote for every candidate, but can choose as many candidates as they think Lancaster Stands Up should endorse.


Voting will be held from June 21-24 (polls close at 11:59pm on June 24).