2018 Local Endorsed Candidates


The results are in!  Lancaster Stands Up Members have voted to endorse three PA House Candidates and one PA Senate Candidate in 2018:


Dana Hamp-Gulick for PA House District 97


Mary Auker-Endres for PA House District 98


Michele Wherley for PA House District 41


Bill Troutman for PA Senate District 36


All four endorsed candidates have been running incredible campaigns that align with the values of LSU membership. They have been visible and accessible to the Lancaster Stands Up community.


Our last membership poll indicated that LSU members want our endorsement to be competitive and meaningful. We want to use our limited resources to elect candidates that are with us on the issues and that will fight for all of us in Harrisburg. And these are the candidates that we have decided will stand up for the people of Pennsylvania.


And after election day, we plan to hold our representatives accountable. When we use our collective power to help get candidates into office we know that they are truly accountable to us.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the questionnaire, attend or watch the candidate forum, and to vote. We know that it is work to be informed on top of our busy lives. But we also know that now more than ever, we need to organize ourselves into a force with enough power to make our voices heard in Harrisburg. Voting in this endorsement is just one way that we are able to be active participants in our democracy.


We also thank all candidates who have engaged with Lancaster Stands Up members throughout this process, whether you participated in our questionnaire or showed up to an event.


Read their answers in our questionnaire.