2017 Endorsement Vote

We're excited to announce that Lancaster Stands Up is holding its first candidate endorsement vote September 27-29, for races on the Lancaster City, Lancaster County, and Pennsylvania 2017 ballot. 


Why hold a candidate endorsement vote?


turn it around

This summer when we polled the full Lancaster Stands Up email list, an overwhelming majority of respondents supported developing a membership structure and endorsing progressive candidates for public office. Our leadership team first took on launching the membership structure, and in the past several weeks over 350 people like you have become official dues-paying and voting members.

Since then, we’ve been working to design a candidate endorsement process for Lancaster Stands Up members. We believe that everyday Americans should have more of a voice in our democracy. It starts with choosing better candidates.

Uniting to defeat Trump and the GOP’s dangerous agenda has been our number one priority. On the other hand, most of us are less than enamored with today’s Democratic Party. Our solution—our strategy—is to build independent grassroots power to push Democrats to stand up and fight visibly for everyday working people. We also hope to recruit candidates who are aligned with this vision.

In the future, we want to make endorsements in both general elections and in primaries. Primaries are especially important for contesting the leadership and the direction of political parties. For now, we want to make our voices heard in this year's local elections.

You can read a longer strategic reflection on the endorsement vote from the Lancaster Stands Up coordinating team here.


Who will be on LSU's 2017 endorsement ballot?


LSU members will be able to vote on which candidates Lancaster Stands Up will endorse in the races listed below.


Note: To the best of our ability candidates are listed here in the order on which they will appear on the November municipal ballot.


Key: D = Democrat; R = Republican; G = Green; I = Independent


PA Statewide


Judge of Supreme Court (1 open seat)


Judge of Superior Court (4 open seats)


Judge of Commonwealth Court (2 open seats)


Lancaster City


Mayor (1 seat)


City Council (4 open seats)


School Board (4 open seats)


Magisterial District Judge 02-2-01 (1 seat)


Lancaster County


Sheriff (1 seat)


East Hempfield: Supervisor (2 open seats)


Hempfield: School Director (4 open seats)


Manheim Township: Commissioner (3 open seats)


Manheim Township: School Director, 4-year term 

(4 open seats)


Manheim Township: School Director, 2-year term 

(2 open seats)


Millersville: Borough Council (4 open seats)


How Will the Vote Be Held?


We will send out an email Wednesday morning. The email will contain a link to your electronic ballot. Ballots are due by Friday at 11:59 PM. For details about voting eligibility and endorsement policies and processes, click here.